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This workshop will help you:


Get exactly what you want - even in very difficult situations.


Get resistent people to do what you want them to do wiithout upsetting them unduly.


Get the next best thing if you don't get exactly what you want.


Know exactly what to do to preserve your human diginity and look professional when you're verbally attacked.


Build confidence in dealing with difficult people, be they rude bosses, truculent employees, underhand colleagues or tough clients.


Become recognised as a non-aggressive leader who can solve almost any people-problem with tact.


Become recognised as someone who is fair but firm.

Follow these ten FREE brilliant tips and more when you do the FREE taster exercise

  1. Remove from your mind all approaches that included intimidation, sarcasm, belittling, insulting, being-superior and anger. If you become aggressive youíll make things worse.

  2. Be absolutely sure of what you want before you start the discussion. Write it down. In addition, have a fallback position in case you donít get exactly what you want.

  3. Whenever possible begin the discussion by thanking the person for something - anything ("Thanks for getting here so promptly.") and by praising something - anything. The praise has to be genuine.

  4. In a calm and factual way explain how the behaviour is harming you.

  5. Express your disappointment not your anger. Anger makes others angry and resistant to change.

  6. Ask for what you want clearly - donít mumble and beat about the bush. If the person objects, keep calm and ask again for what you want.

  7. Ask for the personís help. This may seem stupid and unfair if the other person is in the wrong. But you do need their help, so ask for it. This works wonders.

  8. Ask questions. People who are thinking canít be emotional at the same time. Say something like, "Can you see how this hinders me doing x, y and z?"

  9. Ask the person what they would like to see done to solve the difficulty. "How do you think we should take this forward?" Consulting people shows respect and people often come up with suggestions which are acceptable.

  10. If people are still resisting, express your worry and then state what more serious steps you may have to take. "John, Iím worried by our conversation today. If we canít agree on a way forward Iím going to have to take it further. Are you sure you canít manage to do P, Q and R?"

All success with your next difficult situation!

And there's more...

These ten tips are only the start.

There are even more powerful secrets for getting what you want. Although you already know to some extent how to act assertively, it's difficult to do what we know we should do!

After completing the exercises in the Brilliant Assertiveness web workshop, your confidence and courage will soar. You'll know exactly what to give people so that they will give you what you want.

Enjoy doing the free taster exercise. See how effective you are at dealing with someone smoking in a non-smoking environment!