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Customers ARE Your Main Asset!

If your customers don’t return to buy more or use your service again, you won’t succeed. It doesn’t matter if the goal is profit-making or non profit-making, if customers are not treated courteously, jobs will disappear in the long run.

This workshop will help you:


Realise just how important customers are to your and your organisation’s success.



Know exactly what it is that keeps customers extremely satisfied.



Know exactly what upsets customers and how to avoid this.



Go that extra mile that makes you stand out from your competitors.



Deal with complaining customers so they become even more loyal - purchase more and recommend your product/services.



Plan ahead for even better customer care.



Know how to quickly and easily measure just how brilliant your customer care is.

Follow these FREE ten brilliant tips and others when you do the FREE taster exercise.

  1. Acknowledge and greet customers as soon as you see or hear them. Even if you’re dealing with another customer - a nod of the head or “Hello, I’ll be with you in a minute” is better than nothing.

  2. Be nice. I know this sounds trite but people want to be treated well. Smile and make them feel welcome – not a burden. Treat customers as you’d like to be treated.

  3. Make your customers feel special. Show an interest in them as people not just cash cows. Ask non-interfering questions about how they are and what they do and what their kids are up to.

  4. Ensure your appearance, in all respects, is pleasing.

  5. Ensure the reception area, shop, toilets, waiting rooms and any other space customers visit is clean and inviting.

  6. Make sure the service or product you offer is the best it can be.

  7. Ensure you are absolutely familiar with the product or service and your procedures so you can answer almost every question a customer asks.

  8. Be careful about the promises you make and if you make one do what ever it takes to deliver.

  9. If a customer is upset, never get upset back – deal with their feelings first and then with the technical problem.

  10. Keep people informed as much as possible about the progress of their order or complaint.

And there's more…

These ten tips are only the start.

At first, caring for customers and ensuring they are absolutely pleased may seem like a tall order but that’s where this Brilliant Customer Care workshop comes in. It will show you how to do all this.

Try the free taster exercise. Have some fun and at the same time see how you can give even better customer service!