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If you’ve completed the Brilliant Customer Care workshop you’ll know why customers ARE your main assets!

However, no matter how much you do to care for customers there will be a few who just want an argument – who are rude and abusive. Normal customer care practices won’t help you in these circumstances – we need some advanced techniques.

This workshop will help you:


Calm angry customers and turn them into loyal repeat customers.


Get monies rightfully owed to you when the customer is refusing to pay.


Deal professionally with rudeness – swearing and shouting for example.


Weigh-up whether or not a customer is worth keeping.


Figure out why your customer care might not be as good as it could be.


Use simple techniques to find out how your department or organisation can find ideas to improve its customer care even more.

Follow these ten FREE brilliant tips and more when you do the FREE taster exercise

  1. Practice keeping control of your anger – anger begets anger.

  2. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings. People want to know their distress has been recognised. They want to know you understand.

  3. Prepare as much as possible before the meeting or telephone call. The more information you have the better.

  4. Ask people to explain in detail what it is that’s upsetting them – the more they talk the better.

  5. Ask lots of questions. This gets the customer in logical frame of mind and gives you the facts so you can make a reasoned response.

  6. Judge early on whether or not you can help. If not call in a more senior manager or supervisor.

  7. If you think the meeting will get “heated” or it develops into this, arrange a private venue – away from other customers.

  8. Have a colleague with you in the meeting.

  9. At the first instance of swearing or shouting ask (gently but firmly) the customer to stop or you will end the discussion.

  10. Be brave – if the customer is totally unreasonable – end the relationship. Pity if they bring in thousands (even millions) in business!

And there's more...

These ten tips are only the start.
Advanced customer care takes a bit of practice. However, there are fairly simple rules to follow and many of these are about how to choose words and phrases.

Try the free taster exercise. Have some fun with this and see how you’d deal with the difficult customer.