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This workshop will help you:


Pass - and pass well - those professional examinations or papers.


Analyse any essay question or topic so that you know exactly what you’ve to do to gain excellent marks.


Ensure that you answer all parts of a question and don’t lose marks because you leave something out.


Present your knowledge and arguments logically so it’s easy for examiners to allocate the marks you deserve.


Write clearly and concisely so that you can convey what you know quickly and accurately in your essay.


Save time and effort.

Follow these ten FREE brilliant tips and more when you do the FREE taster exercise

  1. In any question look for the number of instructions such as “list” “describe” and “compare”. This tells you the number of parts you must have in your answer.

  2. Watch out for superfluous information. Examiners trying to be helpful put extra information in a statement before the question. Unfortunately, much of this extra information is irrelevant and will distract you.

  3. Before you start writing be absolutely clear about what you’ll say. In other words PLAN. If you have thirty minutes for an answer take seven minutes to analyse the question and plan in rough.

  4. When you write, keep telling the examiner how what you’re saying relates to the question. Show that you’re answering what was asked for.

  5. From today start practising writing concisely. For example instead of writing, “at this moment in time” write “now ”. Instead of “in order to keep up with expectations” write “to meet expectations”.

  6. Keep sentences short and have one idea per sentence. This enables the examiner to see the knowledge you have and allocate the marks for it. If you squeezed two or three ideas into one short sentence you may gain only one mark instead of three.

  7. Leave a blank line between each paragraph and use subheadings. Modern essays have subheadings.

  8. Start now honing your spelling and grammar. Unless your spelling and grammar are abysmal it’s unlikely that you’ll fail because of a few mistakes. However, you don’t want to lose marks because of weakness in this area.

  9. If you have to answer four questions in two hours that’s thirty minutes per question. If, after thirty minutes you’ve not finished an answer, stop and start the next answer. You can gain more marks quickly by starting the new essay than trying to perfect an answer.

  10. Do not waste time reading your answers! Plan your time so that all of it is spent planning and writing. You should not have any spare time at the end of the examination.

All success with your next essay for a professional examination or paper!

And there's more...

These ten tips are only the start.

There are some brilliant ways of practising that help you gain the skills you need to excel at writing essays for professional examinations.

As part of your work you probably write professional papers and reports. Also, when you studied at college or university you probably wrote many essays. However, there are several powerful tricks of the trade I’ll show you that you probably didn’t learn at school or college. In particular there’s a formula I’ve developed called IKR® (Instruction, Knowledge and Relevance) which helps you know for sure exactly what examiners want.

Also, as you know, at the professional level – especially for examination essays - you’ve to show exactly that you know what you’re “talking about”. You have to be even more precise with expression.

Have a go at the following FREE taster exercise and you’ll learn the first of several easy techniques to help you excell at essay writing!

(IKR® is the registered mark of Profit Improvers Ltd)