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This workshop will help you:


Motivate your people with wonderfully simple and techniques so that their productivity soars.


Delegate so that people are pleased you've delegated to them and that ensures you get what you want when you want it.


Express clearly to people what their job is and what is expected of them.


Deal brilliantly with any difficult people problems.


How to set direction so you and your people know “where you are going”.


Continue your development as a leader in ten straightforward ways.

Even if you're an experienced leader this workshop will be a brilliant refresher.

Follow these FREE ten brilliant tips and others when you do the FREE taster exercise.

  1. Get to know your people – not just as cogs in a machine - but also as people. The more you know the more you can do to assist them do even better.

  2. Keep asking people how things are going – what needs improving – what we can do better?

  3. Decide today to delegate twice as much as you're currently doing. You'll see in this workshop that you DO have people to delegate to even though it may not seem like it.

  4. Check people's understanding of your instructions by asking them to tell you what they have to do. Don't just ask, “ Do you understand ?” They may say “yes” even if they don't!

  5. Always get clear in your own mind what you want from projects, meetings, presentations, and appointments. A leader knows what he/she wants and this keeps everyone focused.

  6. Make the effort to genuinely praise people privately – and even better - in public.

  7. Keep people regularly informed – about as much as possible. You'll see why in more detail during this workshop. Communication can be short and to the point but people want to know.

  8. Consult as much as possible. Ask people how they'd do things and whether or not they've better ideas on how to do what you want.

  9. Set direction and decide. Make clear what the purpose of the company, department, and project is. Set out some short-term targets and some medium term visions then decide.

  10. When people are not performing well strive not to insult or belittle. Be hard on the problem not on people. If you have to fire someone do it with as much dignity and respect as possible.

And there's more…

These ten tips are only the start.
Many books and courses make leadership look more complex than it really is. Many of them go on about theories of leadership and encourage you to do psycho-pop questionnaires which claim to tell you what leadership style you have. Leadership is sometimes painted as some kind of magic power shrouded in mystery. But deep down you already know what's required to be a brilliant leader.

Have fun doing the free taster exercise and see how much you already know about leadership.