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Mentoring Is One Of The Most Thorough, Cost-Effective, And Enjoyable Ways Of Developing The Next Generation Of Leaders.

This workshop will help you:


Help less experienced colleagues to succeed.


Maximise the benefits to you as a mentor.


Know exactly what the mentee wants from you and the mentoring relationship.


Ensure mentoring goes smoothly and that both you and your mentee enjoy it.


Deal with problems when mentoring isn't working a well as you'd like.


Give constructive feedback to the mentee when you have to be firm.

Follow these FREE ten brilliant tips and others when you do the FREE taster exercise.

  1. Right at the first meeting set expectations – what you can do and what you can't and what the mentee expects from you.

  2. Generate a liking for your mentee – find the person's good qualities – it's easier to help and guide when you like someone.

  3. Don't fall into the trap of instructing or lecturing – you are there to guide.

  4. In mentoring meetings allow the mentee to talk more than you do.

  5. Fulfil promises – if you agree to do something do it or have a very good reason for not doing it.

  6. Don't be afraid to give advice – even if personal.

  7. Keep a record of each mentoring session with a note on progress and what you advised the mentee on and what you and the mentee agreed to do for next meeting.

  8. Insist that the mentee keeps a record book to record progress and what has to be done next.

  9. Watch out for the danger of getting too involved in personal problems – know when to direct the mentee to professional help if required.

  10. If the relationship is not working end it sooner rather than later.

All success with and enjoyment from with your mentoring sessions.

And there's more…

These ten tips are only the start.
At first being a mentor may seem like a tall order but that's where the Brilliant Mentoring workshop comes in. It will show you in detail how to do all this.

Have fun doing the free taster exercise and see how you can become an even better mentor – quickly!