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Present Well And Succeed At Many Things

This workshop will help you:


Build super confidence for most kinds of presentation.



Ensure that your presentation achieves what you want it to achieve.



Know how to get the audience (even a hostile one) on your side almost immediately.



Know exactly what the audience expects from you.



Use your voice and body to achieve the results you want.



Write a brilliant speech draft and translate the main ideas onto cards.



Ensure that conditions at the venue won’t detract from your talk.



Rehearse your presentation so that by the time you give it you’ll know it backwards.



Overcome nervousness caused by excess adrenaline.

Follow these ten FREE brilliant tips and more when you do the FREE taster exercise

  1. Clarify for yourself what you really want from doing the presentation.

  2. Make sure you know who the people in the audience are and what they want from you.

  3. People want to know about, and are persuaded by, people so tell something about yourself in the introduction.

  4. Have only one major message with not more than five supporting sub-messages. Any more than this and you’ll lose the audience.

  5. Avoid jargon at all costs - use practical everyday examples people can relate to.

  6. Reduce slides and technological wizardry to the absolute minimum. Fiddling with computers and fancy slides distracts the audience.

  7. Ask rhetorical questions or, better still, get people involved in short exercises.

  8. Try not to read from a script and don't memorise either. Really understand your topic and the structure of your talk and then use cryptic notes on cards.

  9. If you have a serious message, offer constructive solutions: end on a positive note.

  10. In concluding, thank again and ask the audience (in an appropriate, positive way) to do what you want them to do. It may be that you want them to try something or just to ask you back to speak again.

Good luck with your next presentation!

And there's more...

These ten tips are only the start.
Ineffective presentations are probably the major cause for individuals being overlooked for promotion and for organisations losing sales. Those who present well, succeed. There are many powerful secrets for making your presentations succeed. There are many ways to reduce the fear of facing an audience, even a hostile one! This workshop will reveal them.

Have fun with the free taster exercise.